MiniOlive 600


Operation with Mini Olive:



Washing and Leaf Cleaning



There is a need to wash the olives and to pick over the leaves in the olives before the process of cracking and crushing of (if necessary). This process can be done with a suitable machine which can remove olive leaves, small branch pieces and wash the olives with fresh water. KOCAMAZ MAKINA designed the Olive Washing and Leaf Aspirator Unit to be used in this process. At the same time, this machine transmits the olives to oil crusher section with transmission units.


Obtaining Oil

Oil extraction from olive is performed in 3 phases (stages).





The olive crushing process is carried out by the hammer mill on the machine. This technique is used to obtain the best paste. Crushing is performed by circular blades at high speed (3000 rpm). The blades crumble the olives in a very short time and force them to pass through the small holes around them. The paste obtained in this way (passing through the small holes) is directed to a malaxing process.





The malaxing process of olive paste is performed by mixing the paste coming from the hammer mill for 45 minutes. The Miniolive has a closed system vertical nitrogen gas inlet and mixing unit. Thanks to being closed and suitable for nitrogen gas blast of this unit, the air contact with the olive paste is minimized and the oxidation of the oil and hence the increase of the peroxide is prevented ( an increase of the acidity of the olive oil). A heating system is provided on the malaxing unit (25-28 ° C max) to facilitate separation of oil from the olive paste. This method is recommended to be used in the oil separation which is difficult to extract the oil from the lousy olive quality.


SEPARATING (Separation of Oil and Residue-water)



Obtaining oil from the paste-formed olive is performed in the decanter. In the decanter, the plant sap-residue and oil are separated from each other. The principle of separation is based on the principle of centrifugal force. The high rotational speed of the unit (3200-4200 rpm) causes the formation of three different layers within the unit. The first outer layer is composed of residue, the second layer is composed of plant sap, and the third layer is composed of oil.


Storage of Oil Obtained



The olive oil taken from the decanter can be delivered directly to the resting tank to be rested for a few days in the tank. 50-70 lt oil reservoir can be added to the olive oil outlet of the machine. Also, the filter machine with a cotton filter element can also be adapted. In the resting tank, olive oil is rested by precipitating the particles formed in olive oil. After this process, it is recommended to filter the plant sap and sediment to prevent prolonged contact.

• Filter with cotton element made of stainless steel

• Filter with carton element made of stainless steel





It has two outlets, as oil outlet and water-residue outlet. A plate is placed under the separation unit with different holes for oil intake. The selected gap is kept open, and the other holes are kept closed. In the decanter, the amount of paste input to be processed can be adjusted at variable speeds without stopping the machine. Water must be added to the olive paste to perform a proper separation (max 10%) in some cases (especially for dehydrated olives).


The possibility of three setting options is foreseen;

• Adjusting the amount of olive paste penetrating the decanter for processing (variable rate loading without stopping the machine)

• Amount of water added to the decanter (Performed by flux meter without stopping the machine)

• Adjusting the depth of the outlet nozzle used for oil intake or adjusting the appropriate outlet hole


With these simple settings, Miniolive can extract all kinds of olive oil by adjusting it with a fluxmeter without stopping the extraction process regardless of maturity.

These processes are carried out no sooner than harvesting the olives to reach the highest point in the required oil quality, output quality, and quantity. Limited use of water (max. 10%) and low temperature (26-28 ° C max.) reached during the process provides the most desirable high-quality product in the world markets. Miniolive delivers this quality product in smaller sizes. Also, it enables the olive oil extraction machine to be cleaned quickly and efficiently owing to stainless steel material.





                                                                                 Mini Olive 400 Boutique Olive Oil Machine        Master 400 Olive Washing and Leaf Separating Unit


Power Requirement                                                                                     380v                                                                           380v



Weight                                                                                                            1400 kg                                                                        210 kg



Dimensions (W x L x H)                                                              1.450 x 2800 x 1900 mm                                         1.450 x 2100 x 2500 mm



Power Consumption                                                                               10 kW/h                                                                      2 kW/h



Capacity  ( Olives)                                                                                      600 kg/h                                                                     600 kg/h