OS 2K Coffee Roasting Machine

Product name: OS 2K Coffee Roaster

Product type: Drum Coffee Roaster

Order number: OS2K

Product weight: 150 Kg. / 330 Lbs.

Batch capacity: 2 kg / 4,4 lbs.

Heat source: Electric, Natural gas, propane, LPG

Heating type: Thermal transfer

Type of heat element: Electric coil heater, Premix burner (Infrared)

Batch roasting time:                      Light roast                   Dark roast

                                                       12-16 Minutes             14-22 Minutes

Hourly roasting capacity:             Light roast                   Dark roast

                                               10-20 kg./22-44  Lbs.      5-10 kg/11-22 Lbs.


Electric Specifications:  

Voltage: 208 ~ 380V 60 Hz

Amp:  7 Amp

Motor quantity: 3

Controls:                                    Motor controls                                Valve controls

                                                     Touch screen                                         Manuel

Dimensions: (WxLxH) 35x50x72 inches

Suggested area: (WxL)85x95 inches

Combustion: LPGNatural Gas


Exhaust pipe dimension: 3inch

Necessary room air volume: 350  m3/hr

Color & Finish: Can be customized