New System Powder and Pellet Feed Plant


The purpose of the New System of Dust Feed and Pelleted Feed Factory is to enable the stock owners to produce their customized pelletized feeds. Thanks to the process, the stock farmer will be able to determine the material that will be included in the feed and the dependency for stock feeding will be minimized.

Both powder and pelletized feeds can be produced in the facility thanks to the 1250-1750 kg/hour production capacity of the facility.

All the equipment in the high capacity feeding facility are included in the system as their capacities adjusted in accordance with the system requirements.

All of the machinery and technical equipment within the facility can be added or removed according to the customer demands. For instance, a firm manufacturing powder feeds may begin to purchase the system components beginning from the pelletizing machine.


Silo Group

Hammer Mill - Mixer 

Pellet Group

Dosage System

Cooling Group

Packaging Group